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Written by Ven. Londonaye Dammagawesi Thero   
Tuesday, 28 September 2010 13:21

When you read this note, please make sure you read not more than three (3) words at a time, until you have understood & realised the context the note is written in ... try tro read this a cople of time to fet the inner meaning & how it impact or reflect your own being. Enjoy the experience.

As this “self” is selfish, this self.... (who this I, me, mine with ours) is also in denial. One denies the nature of impermanence and tries to create a “self made permanency”. In this “self reasoned permanency”, one looks for comfort. This body and this life existence, is all about the justification of varying levels of comfort, this body is longing & yearning for. When the nature of impermanency, brings about decay & the reduction, of what you posses as mine, one always try to repeat the reasoning and relive the comforts, to justify the possession as mine again. Repeatedly experiencing the self-indulgence with what one “likes” and avers-fully, inflicting harm, when the “dislikes” are present. When these conditions of indulgence & inflict, are seen by oneself, one becomes aware of the dangers and should adopt, all of the wholesome qualities, to develop selflessness. One should try to forgive, forget, be blameless, neutralise, nullify the emotional outcomes to experience equanimity. One should become humbled.


Everyday there are so many transactions, incidents, tragedies, accidents, events, trauma, death, birth, illnesses, decay, etc ... hYou are affected by these, only if you or a possessed relationship is affected. If you are not directly affected, you may chose to consider the value and importance given, and be affected, depending on the role you want to play. If not you just allow the rest of the world and its existence to continue. If you learn, to see things as they are, for just what they are you would have developed selflessness. If you go to investigate, then you know more and you are affected accordingly. If you go to intrude & sneak, then you have the additional information & knowledge to be affected accordingly. If you go to interfere with sympathy & empathy, you may suffocate the others privacy. So try to learn to leave this world alone. Let it spin on its own. Let other spin with it, the way they know how. Your role & responsibilities, are to measure another with the universal ethics & moral of the precepts. If another is not willing to abide, then consider as to why they feel so. They may have a very good, reason and you may not be accepting their reasoning. When you investigate a little further, it all boils down, to how your fear of failure and blame is associated towards your duty, responsibility in your roles.

Try to see, how you are the maker of these incidents & eventualities. See that you are the articulator of the reasoning & the defender / protector of your values. The justifier of the gainful, profitable and beneficial outcome. The owner of all of your transactions & experiences, whether the outcome is good or bad, right or wrong, fair or unfair, just or unjust. Slow down with your reactions and responses, to consider the consequences for you and the other. There are no rules as to when you need to react or respond. It is just made by your EGO. Accept another for who they are as they were born to this world as human for the same reason as you. May you have the strength, courage, confidence and effort to lead a eventful wholesome life.

May you be happy, healthy, peaceful and content.

With much respect and humbleness

Bikku Dhammagawesi

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